1. Where can I pick up hard copies where I fill them in and drop off at SSC offices?

A portal for downloading applications is provided on our website here. Kindly click on download SSC-Stimulus2020 forms. Completed forms must be emailed to

2. How do our employees whom are registered on SSC and are below the tax threshold apply to receive the 50% of their salaries benefit?

An employer is required to initiate the process by downloading the application form and return it upon completion via sending it to this email address

3. What made SSC decide on helping those earning less than 50,000 per year as if those earning higher do not deserve or are not suffering?
Those below the N$ 50,000 earnings threshold was identified as the most vulnerable. This decision is also primarily based on the availability of financial resources and the need to ensure as many people as possible receive assistance under the program.
4. Which sectors are being considered right now and how do we access it?
The 9 sectors listed below here have been identified as severely hard hit by the lockdown necessitated by measures put in place to curb the spread of the Corona Virus amongst citizens: Tourism, Hospitality, Aviation, Construction, Farming, Services (non-financial), Retailers (non-food), Domestic Workers and Gardening services, and Entertainment. We are cognizant of persons who may not be from the above mentioned sectors but might be equally hard hit as the result of the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic. Such persons may apply for assistance under this program but they must be paid up members of the SSC and must also prove loss of income during or as the result of Covid-19 pandemic.
5. Can I apply if my salary has not been cut during this period?
Unfortunately, not!
6. How do we submit our wage balance to you in order to determine the 17%?
Such details and more will be enclosed in the guidelines to the application form.
7. What happens to us at company X where they have reduced our pay? They now pay only 75%!

If you earn below the tax threshold of N$50,000 per annum, your company can apply on your behalf for the 50% of salary benefit under the Affected Employees Program.

If you earn more than the tax threshold, consider yourself fortunate that yours have been reduced by only 25% for the duration of this difficult circumstances. There are others who have entirely lost their income.

Should your company qualify for the cash injection provision then government will safeguard your job by requiring of your employer to not reduce salaries of employees below 50 %.

8. I was working at a Hair Salon before we closed down end of March, can I get help to pay even for my food?
Certainly you may, as you fall under the Service sector, and if you meet the following requirements you stand a chance of being assisted:
a. Applicants should have been registered for a period of six (6) months by 17 March 2020.
b. Applicants should be able to prove loss of income related to COVID19¹.
c. Applicants should earn less than N$50,000 p.a.
d. The benefit will be limited to 50% of monthly salary subject to a minimum of N$1,000 per month for 3 months (April, May and June).
e. Benefit will be net of other benefits received from the state (e.g. EIG)
9.Where does taxi drivers fit into the SSC package?
If they weren’t registered with the Social Security Commission by March 17th ,2020 you may not qualify under program 2 of the scheme, but they may be considered under program 3 which considers those in the informal sector. The roll out of this program is scheduled for commencement at a later stage once program 1 and 2 are completed. These individuals will be invited to sign up for the Social Security Commission and allocated a SSC number.
10. What about employees that are above the tax threshold? How do they get salary subsidies?
They will be catered for under Program 1 which provides a cash subsidy and contribution waiver to the employer and which stipulates amongst others that:
“Prospective beneficiary employers should agree to not retrench staff for the 3 months in question (April, May and June) and should not be allowed to reduce staff salaries by more than 50%.”
1 The SSC will publish detailed eligibility criteria